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Preschool Themes
Preschool Themes

Themes for Term 3:

Week 1 24th – 28th July Winter
Week 2 31st – 4th August Bugs and Insects
Week 3 7th – 11th August Bugs and Insects
Week 4 14th – 18th August Transport
Week 5 21st – 25th August Transport
Week 6 28th – 1st September Trees and Flowers
Week 7 4th – 8nd September Spring
Week 8 11th – 15th September Spring
Week 9 18th – 23th September Space
Week 10 26th – 30th September Space
Week 11 26th – 30th September Teddy Bears Picnic

Bible Themes for Term 3:

Week 1 Paul meets Jesus
Week 2 Paul escapes in a basket
Week 3 Peter helps Dorcas
Week 4 Peter escapes from prison
Week 5 Paul helps a lame man
Week 6 Jesus loves me
Week 7 Baby in a basket
Week 8 Escape from Egypt
Week 9 A path through the sea
Week 10 A desert surprise

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Please feel free to send in any pictures for us to cut out, or any story books for us to read that correspond with the specific themes.